'Fruits Basket' Announces New Anime

Shojo fans, you better brace yourself. It has been years since Fruits Basket came onto the scene, but the powers at be haven’t forgotten the classic title. According to new reports, Fruits Basket is getting a new anime, so you know what that means.

That’s right! Ms. Honda is making a comeback, and fans are ready to see the heroine meet up with her zodiac pals once more.

Recently, social media began buzzing when new reports about Fruits Basket went live. Over in Japan, a slew of manga magazines set out their newest issues, and it was there fans were told about the project.

As you can see above, the teaser was dropped on the cover of one magazine’s holiday cover. There is no word on what this new anime will be about, but the text indicates Fruits Basket will readapt the original manga.

For fans, this surprise announcement is a welcome one, and it has readers of Fruits Basket beside themselves. After all, the original anime did change several manga-centric details way back when, so this new series will hopefully be a more accurate adaptation of Natsuki Takaya’s series.

With a new anime in the works, Fruits Basket will be making a comeback after more than 15 years. Studio Deen rolled out its show back in July 2001, and the 26-episode venture ran all the way through December. Fruits Basket’s manga went forward even after the anime ended, and it closed in November 2006. Now, it seems the Sohma clan is ready to strike it out on TV once more, and shojo lovers are ready to see Tohru Honda’s story come to life all over again.


For those of you totally unfamiliar with Fruits Basket, the series launched in July 1998 and has become known as one of shojo’s top titles. Written by Takaya, the story follows a young orphaned girl named Tohru Honda who is as sweet as she is determined. A series of extraordinary events lead her to live with a few members of the mysterious Sohma clan, and things get out of control when Tohru learns the family has been cursed to transform into zodiac animals whenever they are hugged by someone of the opposite sex. Sworn to secrecy, Tohru decides to help break the cyclical curse, and the girl falls in love with a special someone along the way.

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