This Fullmetal Alchemist Cosplay Shows Why Fans Love Lust

The years have gone by Fullmetal Alchemist quickly, but that doesn't mean the series is defunct. Thanks to fans, the franchise is still considered one of the top anime titles of all time. The historical fantasy tells a truly impressive story which keeps fans engaged, and one of them just reminded us all why it is so easy to fall in love with Lust.

Taking to Instagram, a fan known as arianaxgiselle gave netizens a peek at her new look. The cosplayer hit up a convention dressed as Envy from Fullmetal Alchemist, and she pulls off the gorgeous vixen with ease.

Just to be safe, maybe stay away from her claws! You never know when Lust will feel like striking.

As you can see above, the Fullmetal Alchemist cosplay is surprisingly simple. Some long dark hair brings Lust to life, and it is styled very carefully. The look is complimented by some fierce brows as well as some red contact lenses which turn Lust into something less lovely and demonic.

With a tattoo gracing her chest, Lust completes her cosplay with a strapless back dress. The sexy number shows off the cosplayer's curves just like Lust does in the anime. The outfit finishes up with some printed gloves and horrifying claws which bring the vixen's prized nails to life.

Obviously, Fullmetal Alchemist fans are hyped to see such a solid Lust cosplay make the rounds on social media... even if Edward Elric would be less than thrilled. The alchemist went through a lot to bring the Homunculi to an end, and Lust was a true pain to fight. She sparked fear in Colonel Mustang despite all of the odds, and there's little doubt she would challenge Edward again if given the chance.


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Fullmetal Alchemist was created by Hiromu Arakawa for Square Enix's Monthly Shonen Gangan magazine in 2001. The story follows two brothers, Edward and Alphonse Elric, who learn alchemy in order to bring back their deceased mother. After a terrible miscalculation, however, the two brothers pay a terrible price with Alphonse even losing his body and linking his soul to a suit of armor. As the two boys search for an alchemy that will restore their bodies to their original forms, they join the military and deal with a whole host of new political, ethical, and moral issues. Bones' first attempt at adapting the series into an anime successfully ran for 51 episodes in 2003, but was marred by fans for its pacing issues and deviations from the original source.