Fullmetal Alchemist Cosplay Brings The Heat With Mustang And Hawkeye

Fullmetal Alchemist might not be in the spotlight like My Hero Academia or Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon but its clear that fans are still loving the universe that focused on the Elric brothers attempting to solve the mysteries of alchemy in order to save themselves, and two cosplayers shared their love for two fan favorite characters in Mustang and Hawkeye. Both agents of the government, Captain Mustang and Lieutenant Hawkeye were often tied at the hip, experiencing the ups and downs of the series alongside one another, leading many audiences to believe that their relationship wasn't strictly professional.

Mustang was a State Alchemist who had the ability to manipulate flame as a result of his "powers", while Hawkeye would normally rely on her side arm when it came to battles they encountered since she had no alchemy powers to speak of. One of the biggest moments of Mustang's career in the popular anime franchise came about during his fight against the homonculus known as Lust, using his patented finger snaps to consume her in a torrent of flames. Managing to defeat her, the group of antagonists was never quite the same and Mustang was able to supply audiences with what is often considered one of the best moments of the series.

Instagram Cosplayer Lome_Lindi shared this amazing set of cosplayers that are able to bring about two of the most popular members of the State's government, with Mustang and Hawkeye luckily able to survive the events of Fullmetal Alchemist when the story wrapped:

There has yet to be any announcements when it comes to returning to the world of alchemy that made the Elric Brothers so popular, but we certainly wouldn't mind seeing a sequel in the same way that Inuyasha was brought back with Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon!

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