Genshin Impact Rumor Suggests the Anime Will Be a Prequel

It wasn't long ago fans learned Genshin Impact was taking a major step with anime fans around the globe. A special Hoyoverse stream confirmed the game is in the process of making an anime, and as you can imagine, fans freaked out. Requests for an anime have been around since Genshin Impact launched, and netizens got even more excited when they learned ufotable is overseeing the project. And if a new rumor has any truth to it, the anime adaptation is going to work through a lot of lore.

The rumor in question has been gaining traction on social media and appears to originate from a Chinese forum. Of course, nothing has been said officially regarding the project, so the rumor must be taken with a grain of salt. But if even a kernel of truth is hidden here, then netizens know there is greatness on the horizon.

According to a translation by Liuuzaki on Reddit, the rumor surfaces from the Hoyoverse marketing team. It says the anime will begin well before Lumine and Aether arrive in Teyvat. The show will go on to focus on each nation in Teyvat before the Archon War begins. The rumor also suggests the anime will showcase the fall of Khhaenri'ah before tying in Aether and Lumine's arrival to the world.

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Of course, these details sound lofty, and fans question whether Hoyoverse would reveal major lore in the anime before doing so in Genshin Impact itself. Still, the idea of a prequel is top-notch, and fans admit it would be more interesting to watch than a simple retelling of the game's existing Archon Quests. After all, the world deserves to see Venti and Zhongli at their prime.

So far, few concrete details about the adaptation have been announced, but Genshin Impact's anime is being handled by ufotable in tandem with Hoyoverse. Fans are hoping more information is released this winter as progress continues on the show. And if all goes well, part of the project could be ready for release by late 2023. 

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