Gintama Creator Secretly Cameos in Anime's Final Film

Gintama's creator secretly cameos in the anime's final film! Following the end of the original series' manga run in 2019, Gintama has returned for the final outing of its anime franchise. Adapting the final moments of the original series with new material specifically for the film, Gintama: The Final is a new feature film now making its way through theaters in Japan. As revealed by the franchise' official Twitter account, it turns out that creator Hideaki Sorachi actually has a secret cameo in the film just as how he's popped up in the anime series in the past.

As shared through a hilarious new video keeping Sorachi's identity and cameo a secret, the Gintama creator recorded a few lines for Gintama: The Final. Making a cameo appearance in form of his long running Gorilla self-imposed joke through the anime franchise as a whole, the video teases Sorachi's cameo. You can check it out for yourself below:

Doubling down on the hilarious cameo appearance in the film, Hideaki Sorachi also illustrated a "self-portrait" of himself as a gorilla to give out as one of the illustrations to fans currently checking out Gintama: The Final in theaters:


Gintama: The Final is such a success that its debut managed to be the one to topple Demon Slayer's multi-week reign at the box office in Japan. Unfortunately, there's no word on an English language license or release yet as of this writing. But what do you think of Hideaki Sorachi's secret cameo? Let us know your thoughts in the comments or you can even reach out to me directly about all things animated and other cool stuff @Valdezology on Twitter!