Godzilla Unveils First Look at Chibi Mechagodzilla

Godzilla has reigned as the King of the Monsters for decades now, but plenty have tried to take [...]

Godzilla has reigned as the King of the Monsters for decades now, but plenty have tried to take that crown. Over the years, other monsters have stepped to the kaiju, and humanity has also tried to defeat Godzilla with manmade machines. None of these are more popular than Mechagodzilla, and it turns out the franchise has released a first look at the machine's chibi counterpart.

Recently, Toho Studios put out artwork depicting chibi Mechagodzilla. The official piece gives fans a cute take on the manmade machine that was designed to be Godzilla's equal. The chibi versions are plenty adorable, and you know Toho Studios has got merch in the works for Mechagodzilla.

The colorful characters come in three colors, and their tubby bodies suit a traditional chibi look. The characters would be friendly for the youngest of fans to play with, but that does rub some fans the wrong way. After all, Mechagodzilla is a fierce character, and he was never meant to be cute. The only thing the machine had to do was defeat Godzilla, but these chibi models look more likely to hug a kaiju than blast it away. That is why some fans admit they prefer the chibi-esque models from Godziland, but this updated design is friendlier to franchise newcomers.

As for Godzilla, the property is in serious flux right now due to the outbreak of COVID-19. The franchise was slated to bring the next MonsterVerse film to theaters this November with Godzilla vs Kong, but the film has been delayed to Summer 2021. This means fans have further to wait for their kaiju fix, but Chibi Mechagodzilla is here to help however it can!

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