Here's Why Godzilla vs Kong Pushed Its Release Back a Week

Godzilla vs Kong has endured quite a few date changes since its wrapped production, but it seems [...]

Godzilla vs Kong has endured quite a few date changes since its wrapped production, but it seems the film has found a new home. This week, fans were thrilled when the movie's first trailer went live, but it was damped ever so slightly when it was said the film would be delayed a week. Many wondered if the move forebode trouble on the horizon, but thanks to a new report, fans can rest easy about this most recent date swap.

The new information comes straight from Deadline as the trade analyzed the strategy behind Godzilla vs Kong moving yet again. It was there the Easter weekend came into play, and it seems like our monsters agreed to move their release to score a more lucrative opening weekend.

Godzilla vs Kong HBO Max Poster Trailer
(Photo: Warner Bros.)

"The notion is to play closer to Easter weekend, and get the five-day lift at the box office, not to mention spring break is then as well," Deadline explains. As you can see, Godzilla vs Kong is playing it smart with this release. After all, the monsters have blockbuster expectations resting on their mighty shoulders, and Warner Bros. Pictures wants to see them succeed. However, with COVID still running rampant across the United States, there is no telling how much this move will help.

Currently, COVID is experiencing uncontrolled spread across the United States and many other countries around the world. This means theaters are still mostly empty as moviegoers are waiting to get vaccinated before jumping to buy tickets for the big screen. Godzilla vs Kong will still screen to fans sticking it out at home as HBO Max will host the flick starting on March 31. By giving the movie more time at the box office for its opening, there is a chance Godzilla vs Kong may make good money given all the circumstances.

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