Godzilla vs. Kong Artist Shares Look at Early Mechagodzilla Blueprints

One artist behind Godzilla vs. Kong has shared a look at some early 'blueprints' for the film's [...]

One artist behind Godzilla vs. Kong has shared a look at some early "blueprints" for the film's final Mechagodzilla design. Due to the film being delayed from its initial release around seven times in total as a result of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, many of the details for Godzilla vs. Kong actually made their way out to fans before they were revealed in the film's promotional materials. One major case of this was the worst kept secret in the film, Mechagodzilla, which finally got its MonsterVerse debut in Godzilla vs. Kong's final act.

But what wasn't known was the various concepts and designs before the final look for Mechagodzilla's MonsterVerse design. Artist behind the film, Jared Krichevsky, has been revealing lots of fun looks at the early concept art and designs for Mechagodzilla and even took this one step further with a fun blueprint of the mecha for an early design that ended up not being used in the film:

As Krichevsky explains, this blueprint idea was not used for the final pass of the film but came out of a pretty fun thought process of being an in-universe engineer designing the mecha, "It was a fun quick thing I did to put myself in the mind of an Apex engineer. I didn't do this for the final pass, but they ended up using something like this in the movie." As fans can see, this early look is more akin to Godzilla's actual look in the MonsterVerse.

The final version of Mechagodzilla was a lot slimmer (and was ultimately first revealed through toys and other tie-in products before the release of Godzilla vs. Kong itself) than these earlier versions, but at the end of the day, it ultimately didn't matter as it only served as the climactic final foe for the titular Godzilla and Kong to face off against before they could go their separate ways.

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