Godzilla vs. Kong Debuts Mechagodzilla's "Terminator" Concept Art

Godzilla vs. Kong is a wild success, having brought in numerous new subscribers to the streaming [...]

Godzilla vs. Kong is a wild success, having brought in numerous new subscribers to the streaming service of HBO Max while also taking in hundreds of millions of dollars in profits in theaters around the world, and new concept art has arrived showing off the earlier designs for Mechagodzilla and how the legendary doppelganger was made to be a "Terminator". Though Mechagodzilla was kept out of most of the marketing material and trailers for the long-awaited kaiju crossover, several clues were dropped that made the arrival of the mecha the movie's "worst kept secret".

In the crossover movie that is the latest entry in Legendary Pictures' MonsterVerse, Mechagodzilla is created by the organization Apex, using the remnants of the corpse of King Ghidorah to create a threat large enough to take on both Godzilla and Kong at the same time. Of course, Mechagodzilla ultimately finds a life of its own, and clashes against the people who gave it life, and turns its sights onto the lizard king and the ruler of Skull Island, causing the former enemies to team up in an attempt to take down the metal doppelganger that might be far more powerful than its biological twin.

Kaiju News Outlet and Jared Krichevsky shared the new concept art for Mechagodzilla, wherein the robotic kaiju was brought to life with the idea that it would arrive as a "Terminator", aka a relentless killing machine that only has one task in mind:

Legendary Pictures' MonsterVerse has yet to announce whether or not it will continue into the future, but the recent success of the crossover battle has fans crossing their fingers that an announcement will arrive sooner rather than later for the return of Godzilla, Kong, and their fellow giant monsters of this new universe.

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