Godzilla vs. Kong Kicks Into Action With New Stylish Sneakers

Godzilla vs. Kong might no longer be streaming on HBO Max following its titanic debut, but that hasn't stopped the massive kaiju crossover from continuing to tear up the box office at theaters around the world, and with this latest showdown has come plenty of merchandise, with China about to receive new sneakers to celebrate the meeting of the Titans. With these sneakers showing off the king of the monsters and the ruler of Skull Island in all of their giant monster glory, a pair of shoes will also be dedicated to their common foe in Mechagodzilla.

While nothing is set in stone for the future of Legendary Pictures' MonsterVerse, rumors have begun to swirl about Adam Wingard, the director of Godzilla vs. Kong, being brought in for talks that might continue the world of giant monsters that have taken the world by storm. On top of these rumored discussions, the title that has been floating on the internet has been "Son of Kong" leaving many fans of the MonsterVerse believing that a brand new beast is getting ready to take the reins of the franchise, which will most likely tie in directly to the finale of the crossover blockbuster.

Twitter Outlet Kaiju News Outlet shared the first look at the Godzilla vs. Kong sneakers that are set to make landfall in China, featuring aesthetics that honor the likes of the lizard king, the Skull Island resident, and the mechanical doppelganger that helped to create one of the biggest films of 2021:

While the MonsterVerse has taken the opportunity to dive into new iterations of some of the biggest giant monsters, there are still plenty of kaiju created by Toho Studios that would make a big splash at Legendary Pictures. Aside from Godzilla and Kong, Legendary has given us new takes on King Ghidorah, Mothra, Rodan, and several other classic beasts. While the future for Japan's current Godzilla, Shin Godzilla, is also up in the air, the world of "Shin" will be adding some new entries in the future with Shin Ultraman and Shin Kamen Rider respectively.


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