Godzilla vs Kong Sequel Shares New Filming Details

Godzilla vs Kong expanded the MonsterVerse in theaters last year, and fans have been wondering what the franchise would get into next. With a TV series in the works, netizens were left to question whether Legendary Entertainment would keep up the franchise's film division. Reports have surfaced suggesting a new movie is in the works, and the latest reveals the MonsterVerse sequel is going to film in Australia in some way.

The update comes from The Courier Mail, a newspaper over in Australia covering all things Queensland. It was there a report went live today confirming the sequel to Godzilla vs Kong will be shot in the region. It is expected to bring a $120 million boost to the economy, and most of the MonsterVerse has filmed in Australia up to this point.

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Of course, few details were given in the report about what this sequel will cover. There is no word on whether the new movie will directly continue the story of Godzilla vs Kong. After all, the blockbuster did part with our kaiju in good terms. Godzilla went back to his usual ocean hideout while Kong went deep into the Hollow Earth to reclaim his rightful territory. But as you can guess, neither of these beasts will know peace so long as mankind wants to use them.

This latest update gives fans an idea about the new movie's production details and schedule, but it isn't the only one circulating the Internet. In the past, reports have surfaced about the MonsterVerse's future as many suggest Godzilla vs Kong director Adam Wingard will return to oversee this sequel. The reports also suggest the project is operating under the running title Son of Kong. And in the meantime, Apple+ TV did confirm it is developing a live-action MonsterVerse series of its own that focuses on Godzilla ahead of his solo sequel.

What do you make of this new report? Where would you like the MonsterVerse to go next...? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.