Gundam Fans Discover Shocking Tom Hanks Connection

The Corona Virus has impacted both the Gundam series as well as the life of the universally loved [...]

The Corona Virus has impacted both the Gundam series as well as the life of the universally loved actor, Tom Hanks, and one fan has managed to find a hilarious connection between the two from the feature length film, Big! With numerous Gundam fans building Gunplas, Gundam plastic models, to pass the time during quarantine and Tom Hanks contracting the virus himself, it's clear that the worldwide pandemic is connecting things we never thought possible. Strangely enough, a fan has discovered that the actor and the anime series had a connection long before the pandemic itself!

The movie Big sees Tom Hanks as a young boy, wishing upon a supernatural theme park fortune telling machine that he could be "big". The machine, in turn, grants Hanks' character his wish by transforming him one night from a young boy to a middle aged man, causing a number of awkward and hilarious situations. While the boy may be in the body of a man, it's clear that his spirit and his mentality have not changed as he attempts to hide his true self while also being a big wig at a toy company. Needless to say, it's a hilarious film that has since become a classic in the world of cinema and the Gundam connection is one that shows that Hanks had a tie to the series many decades ago.

Reddit User PlumTree613 noted that in the movie Big, Hanks in his new adult body is wearing Mobile Suit: Gundam style pajamas, proving that his child like mentality is still in tact as he attempts to navigate the world of adults that was once so foreign to him:

Tom Hanks wears Gundam pajamas in BIG from r/Gundam

The movie Big arrived into theaters in 1988, a little under ten years following the introduction of Mobile Suit: Gundam via its initial anime series. Keeping this in mind, it's definitely understandable, albeit still hilarious, to see that the franchise considered to be the most popular anime mech series would find its way onto the North American pajamas at this time.

The Gundam series is being affected by the Corona Virus in a number of different ways, but perhaps the biggest is that the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics will be delayed as a result, pushing back the original ties that the Gundam Satellite would display as a part of the ceremony.

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