New Gundam Movie Confirms Lead Actor and Release Date

The next big film in the history of Mobile Suit: Gundam is about to arrive in theater this summer with Mobile Suit Gundam: Hathaway's Flash looking to explore a brand new part of the mech universe with a lead actor and release date confirmed! The upcoming film is something of a pseudo-sequel to the original Gundam anime series, taking place in the same universe as the first entry in the franchise. The main character of Hathaway is seen as a successor to both Amuro and Char who were the major rivals in the earliest series of the popular anime mech franchise.

The new movie has a release date set for July 23rd, releasing into theaters in Japan and offering mech fans a brand new opportunity to jump into the Gundam franchise with a revisit to a familiar universe. Hathaway himself is a complicated character, using a mech suit in order to bring about a revolution within the Earth Federation. Though the primary war between the Federation and the Principality of Zeon may have concluded, this obviously isn't stopping Hathaway from attempting to change the world in his own way using the might of the Gundams.

Twitter User AIR_News01 shared the recently released news that Kensho Ono would be playing the part of Hathaway Noa and that the film itself would be releasing later this summer, hopefully managing to hit theaters should the Corona Virus pandemic be cleared at that time:

The universe of Mobile Suit: Gundam has often revisited the world that was first established in the earliest season of the franchise, placing a spotlight onto the war between the Principality of Zeon and the Earth Federation. Though many other series in the franchise have taken the mech suits into brand new environments and wars, the creator of the series has always held a special place in his heart for the original and still considers it to be the "true version" of Mobile Suit: Gundam!


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