Gundam Director Shares New Insight Into Live-Action Film

Jordan Vogt-Roberts might be best known for giving us a new take on King Kong with the Legendary Pictures film, Kong: Skull Island, while also showing off his emotional chops with the childhood tale of The Kings of Summer, but the prolific director is set to dive into the war between the Earth Federation and the Principality of Zeon in a live-action Gundam movie for Netflix. While details about the movie have been few and far between in terms of story, Vogt-Roberts has taken to social media to share some new tidbits for the upcoming adaptation.

Mobile Suit: Gundam has been giving anime fans new series and movies focusing on the mech suits for decades, since the original anime series debuted in the 1970s, with the franchise not being shy about returning to the battle that kicked off the series. With Industrial Light & Magic releasing the first concept art for the film that will be released by a partnership between Netflix, Legendary Pictures, and Sunrise respectively, the director seems to hint that the story of the film will be following the original conflict that started everything as Amuro fought on behalf of the Earth Federation against Char and the Principality of Zeon.

Jordan Vogt-Roberts shared quotes from the original Gundam anime series, while also thanking the studios involved in the upcoming live-action adaptation while also yelling "Seig Zeon!" which of course was the rallying cry for Char and the other members of the Principality that had left Earth behind: 

Gundam isn't the only adaptation that Vogt-Roberts is working on, as the director hasn't been shy about his upcoming take on the world of Metal Gear Solid, with Oscar Isaacs reportedly taking on the role of Solid Snake. The movie itself is still in pre-production though it seems that Vogt-Roberts is all in when it comes to bringing some of the biggest pop culture franchises to life via live-action movies. The upcoming Gundam film will also be bringing on the creator of the series, Yoshiyuki Tomino, as well as prolific comic book writer Brian K. Vaughn, who wrote the likes of Y: The Last Man and Marvel's Runaways.

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