Sailor Moon Goes Gundam with This Impressive Gunpla Project

The anime franchise of Gundam has managed to make a name for itself not only in the world of anime, but also through its Gundam plastic models which has sold over 500 million units to date, and one fan was able to take the iconic figurines and style them after the insanely popular shojo series known as Sailor Moon. Though Sailor Moon had debuted over a decade after Gundam's debut in the 1970s, it would definitely be an argument over which anime franchise would be considered the more popular between the two series!

The big Gundam anime that is currently airing is Gundam Build Divers Re:Rise, taking the popular mechs and transplanting them into a digital world that introduces a brand new cast of characters. Sailor Moon, while not having an anime series of its own to date, is looking to return with the upcoming feature length film of Sailor Moon Eternal, which will once again dive into the world of the Sailor Scouts. G Gundam had debuted a mech suit known as the Noble Gundam which looked so much like Sailor Moon that many are still shocked to this day and consider it to be a crossover between the two popular franchises!

Twitter User AsheBlitzen shared their amazing collection of customized Gundam plastic models that took the aesthetic of the Sailor Scouts and created an amazing custom made fusion that even managed to grab the attention of the original voice actor for Gundam's Amuro from the first anime series:

Gundam plastic models have become a hot ticket item during the coronavirus pandemic, with fans looking for ways to pass the time during quarantine. Of the many plastic models we've seen, this line of figures that have been fused with the Sailor Scouts is definitely some of the most impressive!


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