This Stunning 'Gundam' Drawing Was Actually Done On A Carpet

It’s no easy feat to be an artist. When it comes to drawing, some people just have a natural knack for art, but one Japanese netizen just blew anime fans away with her remarkable skills.

You know, considering the girl drew a spot-on Gundam suit using her carpet.

Over on Twitter, user @agito0219 has got the anime fandom buzzing over her insane art skills. Reddit discovered the carpet artist on social media, and the site’s major r/pics thread turned one of the fan’s masterpieces into a viral hit. As you can see below, Agito wound up making a carpet mecha, and fans are boggled by how good the suit looks.

(Photo: Twitter / Agito)

After having vacuumed, Agito put her skills to use by drawing a fully operational Gundam suit in the carpet of her home. The artwork was created by the fan brushing back her carpet’s fibers against the grain created after she vacuumed. Plenty of patience, careful use of negative space, and painstaking shading was used to create this masterpiece - and it isn’t the first one the fan has made.

As fans discovered Agito’s work, they dug deeper to uncover her other Gundam works. The fan has done close-up drawings of Gundam suits on her carpet, and Agito has also lent her hand to characters like Makoto Hikawa from the Kamen Riders franchise. You can check out the artist’s full Twitter here.


This isn't the first time Gundam has seen itself go viral this year. Not long ago, Twitter went ga-ga over the anime franchise thanks to a couple and their romantic proposal threat. After getting engaged to her longtime boyfriend, one woman shared a viral story about how she met her soon-to-be-husband after he direct messaged her about his Gunpla builds. The story got thousands of shares on Twitter, and the Gundam Couple has since become one of social media's cutest stories of 2017.

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