Gundam: The Witch From Mercury Details Release Schedule

The Witch From Mercury, the latest season in the Mobile Suit: Gundam franchise, is arriving next month during a crowded anime season, joining returning series including Spy x Family, Mob Psycho 100, My Hero Academia, and many more. With the prologue episode exploring this new mech-based war already arriving online, a new report has arrived that breaks down the fact that the new anime will be split down the middle when it comes to its first season.

If you aren't familiar with the definition of a "Cour", it is essentially a batch of episodes that will drop throughout several months, effectively acting as a "season" in which the story can be separated allowing for the animators and creative minds to work on the additional installments. A recent example comes in the form of Spy x Family, whose first cour constituted thirteen episodes, with the second batch of the first season arriving next month. Splitting a season down the middle might cause fans to wait a bit longer to finish a story but it can often be a necessity in making sure the anime adaptation is firing on all cylinders.

According to recent reports, the first batch of episodes will arrive next month, with the second cour arriving in April of next year to wrap the first season of The Witch From Mercury. A second season hasn't been confirmed at this point, though in the past, Gundam will typically shift to new stories and realities following a mech story coming to completion. 

If you aren't familiar with the story of The Witch From Mercury, the official description reads as such for the next installment of the Mobile Suit Gundam franchise: 

"An era when a multitude of corporations have entered space and built a huge economic system. A lone girl from the remote planet Mercury transfers to the Asticassia School of Technology, run by the Beneritt Group which dominates the mobile suit industry. Her name is Suletta Mercury. With a scarlet light burning in her pure heart, this girl walks step by step through a new world."

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