Haikyuu Rumor Suggests the Manga Is Ending This Month

Haikyuu has been around for years, and it helped reinvigorate the sports anime genre outside of Japan. The genre has been popular for decades given hits like The Prince of Tennis and Kuroko's Basketball. By the time Shueisha began publishing Haikyuu, some readers felt it was time the genre faded out of style, but Hinata brought it back with hard hustle. But if a new rumor is right, it seems like Haikyuu may be ending its manga in a matter of days.

The rumor began online as fans learned more about the upcoming publishing schedule for Haikyuu. It was there fans learned the manga's next chapter will debut today before chapter 401 and 402 follow in the next two weeks. The first two of these will have more pages than normal and also feature color pages. This will cumulate with chapter 402 in late July as it will reportedly get a cover page for Weekly Shonen Jump.

While you may think this attention is usual for the series, this kind of focused attention is not normal for a manga. Shonen Jump has a lot of top-tier series, so it tends to spread the love when it comes to color art and cover pieces. It is odd for Haikyuu to get that attention three weeks in a row, but it has happened before.

haikyuu-season-4 to the top
(Photo: TOHO Animation)

In fact, the same things happened to The Promised Neverland and Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba. Each of those series got cover artwork and color pages this year... right before they ended. Both manga came a close this year after hugely popular runs, so you can see why fans are convinced Haikyuu is about to join the series with its own finale.

Do you think Haikyuu is really about to wrap things up this month? Or is there more to come from the manga's final arc? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to talk all things comics and anime!


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