Hatsune Miku Is Getting Her Own Animated Series

Hatsune Miku helped put the vocaloid trend on the map, and her legacy endures to this day. The virtual pop star has done successful tours around the world, and her brand encompasses all things from video games to merchandise. And now, it seems Hatsune Miku is about to get her own animated series.

The news comes from Deadline as the trade confirmed Crypton Future Media has plans to co-develop an animated series based on Hatsune Miku. The character has helped inspire Crypton Future Media in a big way as the brand also says it is planning to release webtoons and comics starring the blue-haired girl. Oh, and her friends will be featured as well!

hatsune miku
(Photo: Crypton Future Media)

The report suggests the animated series is in development and will focus on the expansive Miku-Verse. The project is also expected to incorporate live-action models in the animated series, and Hatsune will sing to her heart's content. Crypton Future Media says it hopes to create a "modern, entertaining story with an exciting new look for Hatsune Miku" that fans of all ages can enjoy.

Of course, Crypton Future Media knows Hatsune the best of anyone. The brand developed the vocaloid singer years ago, and she has since become a global phenomenon. In the past, Hatsune has opened for Lady Gaga in concert and was even expected to take the stage at Coachella before the festival was canceled last year due to COVID-19. Now, the singer will make a global comeback with her own television show, so fans can look forward to her return before too long!

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