He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe Reveals Season Two Premiere Date

He-Man has seen a major resurgence as of late thanks to the streaming service Netflix creating not one, but two new animated series that tell the stories of the defenders of Eternia. With the initial series seeing Kevin Smith weaving new tales in the animated world that kicked things off via Masters of the Universe: Revelation, another series arrived to introduce a new generation to He-Man and his band of heroes, with the latter receiving a second season.   

While Smith's series took a more adult turn to the world of Eternia, acting as something of a soft reboot to the original animated series, He-Man And The Masters of the Universe introduced a new generation to the adventures of Prince Adam and company, giving viewers a new take on villains such as Skeletor, Evil-Lynn and more. With the animated series' first season, it released ten episodes that brought together new versions of these classic characters, blending together futuristic technology along with the classic magic that the original series was known for, while also giving all its characters some serious makeovers.

The Official Twitter Account for He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe has shared its second season release date, confirming that the newest incarnation of Prince Adam will be returning on March 3rd, bringing with him the newest takes on the heroes of Eternia and the villains of Snake Mountain:

Currently, there has been no word as to whether or not Kevin Smith's Masters of the Universe: Revelation will be returning to Netflix for a new season, though considering the latest episodes on quite the cliffhanger, we would imagine that there are far more stories to tell in this new take on the original series. The Masters of the Universe has spent decades creating new stories for He-Man and his friends, and while there have been further attempts to bring the world of Eternia to live-action, following the 1987 live-action cult favorite, there are currently no plans in the works for another project in the realm of live-action.

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