Hello Kitty Debuts Shocking Anatomical Toy Line for the Holidays

Over the decades, Hello Kitty has become the de facto mascot for all things cute. The kawaii [...]

Over the decades, Hello Kitty has become the de facto mascot for all things cute. The kawaii heroine has become a staple around the world, but there are things we do not know about the mascot. And for those of you curious about Hello Kitty's innards - well, you do not need to worry much longer.

It turns out a toy line is going live, and it will give fans a literal inside look at Hello Kitty. The anatomical collection will teach fans how Hello Kitty looks internally, and netizens are a tad bit concerned by this new line.

As you can see below, the collection comes courtesy of Mega House in Japan (via SoraNews 24). The newly announced line will put out a collection called Kantai Fantasy Hello Kitty and feature a doll of the mascot which can be dissected.

hello kitty
(Photo: Sanrio)

Yes, you read that right. Dissected. This toy will let you dissect Hello Kitty, and we're feeling a little bit worried now.

According to the toy line, fans will be able to build Hello Kitty from the skeleton up. Some pink goo will come with the doll to make up the mascot's brain and organs. A skeletal piece will then be overlaid that features some heart-shaped crannies. And it will be topped off with Hello Kitty's usual outfit, but half of the doll will always show off her internal configuration.

If you'd like a less skeletal version of the toy, Mega House has just the thing. The company is also releasing a version of the doll that highlights her muscular system. Also, My Melody will get their own toys like Hello Kitty, so you can expand your Sanrio dissection collection if you'd like.

Currently, these figures are only available in Japan, but it is just a matter of time before they make it to online retailers. Each figure sales for under $10 USD abroad, so you can bring these adorably horrifying toys to a shelf near you should you so choose.

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