Hello Kitty Gets Comfy With One Cute Gaming Chair

If you are not one to taking your gaming lightly, then you may have considered getting a dedicated chair to game in. The rise of eSports and online play have made gaming chairs a must-have for dedicated fans… but their looks have been so-so for kawaii fanatics.

So, what has been done to fill that gap? It seems Hello Kitty was brought in to make things better with their own gaming chair.

Over on social media, fans went wild when images of a Hello Kitty gaming chair went live. The seat, which can be seen below, is just as cutesy and fluffy as you’d expect it to be.

Facing forward, the chair has an ergonomic design similar to many other gaming chairs, but this one is doused in pink. An adjustable headrest pays homage to Hello Kitty while its wheeled bottom continues the pink trend. Finally, the gaming chair comes with Hello Kitty logo branding and a cylindrical pillow featuring a slew of Sanrio characters.

For those curious, this chair is made by LEAN BACK and up for sale in South Korea. Popular online retailers like G Market are selling the chair for $138 dollars before tax or international shipping is factored in. So, if you are set on gaming in this chair, there is a way to bring it home with a bit of money.

hello kitty gaming chair
(Photo: LEAN BACK)

This might be the first high-end gaming chair to license Hello Kitty as a mascot, but the kawaii icon has lots of experience with brand deals. In fact, Hello Kitty plans to enter into a slew of them in 2019 alone. Not long ago, it was confirmed Gundam will team up with Sanrio to make a crossover mecha anime starring Hello Kitty, and the mascot is also set to appear in Crayon Shin-chan later this year.

So, would you like to game in a chair like this one? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to talk all things comics and anime!



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