Hell's Paradise Releases New Spooky Trailer

Studio MAPPA might be grabbing headlines right now thanks to the release of the first installment of Attack on Titan's series finale, but the production house is currently working on season two of Vinland Saga, the upcoming return of Jujutsu Kaisen, and the upcoming supernatural swordsman series known as Hell's Paradise. Now, with the latter series looking to arrive later this year on Crunchyroll and Netflix, MAPPA's bloody tale has released a new trailer to give anime viewers a close look at this world teeming with monsters and mayhem.

Hell's Paradise: Jigokuraku first debuted as a manga in 2018 and after following its bloody protagonist through a world fit to bursting with mind-bending behemoths for thirteen volumes, brought its story to an end in 2021. Much like MAPPA's darker offerings like Attack on Titan and Chainsaw Man, this series doesn't hold back when it comes to its gruesome battles and creatures that will populate its installments should the anime follow closely to its source material. Needless to say, Hell's Paradise will be in good company when it comes to the production house's other projects.

A Paradise of a Different Color

You can check out the brand new trailer for Hell's Paradise's first season below, with the footage not just giving us a better look at the mind-bending creatures that will be a part of the bloody story, but the supporting characters that will be joining Gabimaru the Hollow on his quest to be free:

The official description of the series that follows the wandering samurai known as Gabimaru the Hollow reads as such:

"Gabimaru the Hollow is one of the most vicious assassins ever to come out of the ninja village of Iwagakure. He's ruthlessly efficient, but a betrayal results in him being handed a death sentence. He has only one hope-in order to earn his freedom, he must travel to a long-hidden island and recover an elixir that will make the shogun immortal. Failure is not an option. On this island, heaven and hell are just a hair's breadth away."  

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