Hell's Paradise Creator Is Working on a Secret Project

Yuji Kaku has a busy year on the horizon. The creator of Hell's Paradise: Jigokuraku will get to see their latest series take on television in a matter of months. After all, Studio MAPPA will bring the series its own anime shortly, but the release isn't distracting Kaku. In fact, the artist is working harder than ever, and that is because they have a secret new project in the works. 

The update comes from the artist themselves if you don't believe us. He took to Twitter the other day to post about the mystery series, so you can read his message below:

"January came to a complete finish all while I was busy working. It's still too early to announce the project we've been working on, so I feel a little upset. However, [Anime Japan] will be next month, and the anime [for Hell's Paradise] will start in April, so I'm really looking forward to it."

As you can see above, Kaku has kept his head down on this new project, and fans have no clue what it is about. The artist could be inking an entirely new manga or perhaps an addition to one of their current works. After all, Kaku does have a number of series under his belt already. From Hell's Paradise to Ayashimon, the artist has done some impressive work to date, so fans will need to stay tuned if they want to learn about this mystery project.

And when it comes to their big anime debut? Kaku will see Hell's Paradise hit television this spring. Earlier this week, MAPPA released a new trailer for the supernatural series, and the show promises to be as wild and bloody as we imagined.

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