Hideo Kojima Shares His Review of Made In Abyss

When it comes to complex stories, there are few game developers who do them as well as Hideo Kojima. The former Konami employee made a bid for fame with his work on Metal Gear Solid. Over the years, Kojima continued to impress with his narrative skills, and that came to a head with Death Stranding last year, the first full game created under Kojima Productions. Now, the game developer is giving a glowing review to a story that's not his own, but anime fans agree Made In Abyss is worth the praise.

Over on Twitter, Kojima got the conversation going when he posted a brief review of Made In Abyss. The unassuming anime became a hit upon release thanks to its gorgeous artwork and shocking plot twists. It seems Kojima is one such fan, and he tried out the anime after his staff recommended it.

"Watched "Made In Abyss" up to Episode 3 as I was recommended by my staff. Took a while to get use to the drawing but setting of the abyss (big hole) and the world were very interesting. Still it was "relic" to me and not quite "trainee" yet. I may dig a bit more in deep," Kojima said.

For those curious about Made In Abyss, you should know Kojima is on the threshold of a big reveal. The anime is cutesy and normal for three episodes before the show takes a wild turn. The twist might not startle Kojima like it did the rest of us, but fans are certain the game developer will be pleased with the turn.

After all, Made In Abyss is meant to mislead you. The show is dark from the start, but its adorable aesthetic helps ease any anxiety the anime invokes. The first three episodes will totally disarm fans but that means they won't see episode four coming. Everything is good and fun until a Corpse-Weeper shows up, but Kojima would be happy to see one!


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