HIDIVE Acquires Four Former Anime Strike Exclusives

HIDIVE has been gaining traction ever since its debut in June as it acquired the rights to several exclusive anime series that fans definitely want to see. 2018 seems to be even stronger for the service as it has now added several series to its line-up.

Gaining the licenses for Hitorijime My Hero, Kabukiko!, Anonymous Noise, and Grimoire of Zero, HIDIVE will now streaming these shows that were previously exclusive to Amazon Video's Anime Strike streaming service.

While Hitorijime My Hero, Kabukiko!, and Anonymous Noise will be available to stream for free users of the service, Grimoire of Zero will only be available to subscribers. The four series are still available to stream on Anime Strike as of this writing as well.

HIDIVE is an anime streaming service that is currently the home of many home video projects of Section23 Films and Sentai Filmworks, in both Japanese and English dubs, as well as older series like Lone Wolf and Cub, Space Runaway Ideon, and Xabungle. This past season it was the exclusive home of Dynamic Chord, Hozuki's Coolheadedness, and ClassicaLoid.

HIDIVE has also announced that some of its upcoming Witner 2018 simulcast slate as well with Sentai Filmworks projects Mitsuboshi Colors, Takunomi, and Hakumei and Mikochi.

For those unfamiliar with Grimoire of Zero, the series was originally created by Kakeru Kobashiri with illustrations by Yoshinori Shizuma. The series is set is a fantasy world where witches and magic are spread through the land. The story follows a half-beast mercenary who dreams of becoming a human, when he encounters Zero, a witch who promises to turn him human if he guards her as she searches for a mystical book that is too powerful to let fall into the wrong hands.

Hitorijime My Hero is a series originally created by Memeco Arii. The series follows Masahiro, a boy who's been bullied into joining a gang. But when he's saved by the older brother of his best friend, he soon realizes that same savior is his homeroom teacher. When his teacher takes Masahiro under his wing, a new kind of relationship soon forms.


Anonymous Noise is a series originally created by Ryoko Fukuyama. The series follows Nino, a singer who had sad farewells with two childhood friends. Years later they all reunite in high school, but have all developed complicated feelings for each other as the three make music together.

via Anime News Network