'High School DxD' Season 4 Reveals Home Video Details

Last year saw the return of the fan-favorite, fan-service laden series High School DxD as it came [...]

Last year saw the return of the fan-favorite, fan-service laden series High School DxD as it came back for its much-requested fourth season High School DxD Hero. Thanks to Funimation, soon you'll be able to enjoy it at home in all its uncensored glory.

Funimation revealed the details for its limited edition Blu-ray and DVD set, which includes a ton of extra, uncensored goods that fans of High School DxD Hero would absolutely enjoy.

Scheduled for a full release on April 30, the limited edition home video release includes the fourth season itself in both its original Japanese dub and English dub. Though there's no confirmation that it's the uncensored release, there's a good chance it is considering Funimation's past releases of the series have been uncensored. Along with this, there are uncensored artworks of fan-favorites included in the collection as well.

(Photo: Funimation)

First off, there's a brand new artwork drawn for the collection based off of the super popular car wash ending theme sequence of the fourth season. Secondly, included is a fully translated light novel included in the Japanese Blu-ray release that fills in some of the gaps in Hero. Along with these special inclusions are "a set of topless art cards featuring exclusive images from the Japanese release, and a comprehensive art book packed full of uncensored illustrations and high res eyecatch art."

You can check out the full spread of uncensored inclusions for the limited edition release on Funimation's website (which you can find at the link here). Funimation is currently taking pre-orders for the home video release, and the set will run interested fans $63.74 USD. You can find the link here.

If you are not familiar with High School DxD, then you should know the series is one rooted in supernatural adventures and gratuitous fan service. The story follows a boy named Issei Hyodo who is best known for his perverted ways. After being asked on a date, the boy is killed when the girl turns out to be a fallen angel. Issei is revived by a busty classmate of his named Rias who is a devil herself, and she contracts the boy to become her new pet as she reincarnated him into a devil during his resurrection.

High School DxD Hero originally premiered April 10, ran for 13 episodes, and is currently streaming on Crunchyroll and Funimation as well. The English dub cast of the series includes the returning Josh Grelle as Issei Hyodo, Jamie Marchi as Rias Gremory, Kelly Angel as Akeno Himejima Jad Saxton as Koneko Tojo, Alison Viktorin as Gasper Vladi, Sean O'Connor as Yuto Kiba and Lauren Landa as Xenovia Quarta.