Mashima HERO'S Gets Licensed in US

These days, it feels like everything is a little uncertain given the ongoing pandemic and its [...]

These days, it feels like everything is a little uncertain given the ongoing pandemic and its economic toll on the public. Millions are being impacted by this turn of events, but Kodansha Comics USA is here to life spirits. After all, the brand is working on licensing deals at all times, and it just led them to securing a major hit from Hiro Mashima.

Over on Twitter, Kodansha Comics announced the big score during a recent license reveal. The publisher gave fans a heads up that Mashima HERO'S has been licensed for publication in the US, and fans are happy to hear the good news.

"FAIRY TAIL, RAVE MASTER, and EDENS ZERO fans—this is your victory lap! The ultimate crossover, this new 2-vol story brings together wizards, warriors, and spacefarers from every corner of the Hiro Mashima universe! Coming to print in 2020," the publisher wrote.

For fans, this license is a big deal as it is the most recent work penned by Mashima himself. The manga artist has become a global success thanks to his top three series, and they all meet in this crossover title. The combo is more than enough to get Natsu fired up, and fans were thrilled about the mash-up when it came out last year.

These two volumes are slated to being publishing in the US this year, so fans will be able to read up on the story. So if you want to read up on Fairy Tail, Rave Master, and Edens Zero, the titles are currently available through Kodansha Comics. You don't have to know all of the manga by heart to enjoy this big crossover, but you would be missing out on some easter eggs in the end. But in the end, HERO'S is not a series you want to miss especially since Mashima has said he's looking into expanding the manga in the coming year.

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