Kodansha Just Launched Its Best Humble Bundle Deal Yet

If you are needing some new manga to read, then you are in luck right now. The team at Kodansha has heard the news, and it has decided to make some of its best titles easy to read. That is why a Humble Bundle deal just launched from Kodansha, and it packs nearly $1,000 USD of content into a $30 deal.

"Enjoy big Kodansha manga stories in our newest bundle! Grab ebooks like That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime Vol 1, Shaman King 0 Vol. 1, Eden's Zero Vol 1, and To Your Eternity Vol 1. Plus, your purchase helps support Stop AAPI Hate," the sale reads as you can see here.


As you may have heard, Humble Bundle is a pay-as-you-can service with tiers available to consumers. For just a dollar, you can unlock the first tier of content, and there are more expensive tiers as you go forward. For this deal, the most expensive level sits at $30 dollars, and it unlocks access to dozens of manga volumes.

The first tier includes hit titles like Edens Zero, To Your Eternity, Tokyo Revengers, and more. The second level adds in more volumes as well as Shaman King and more. When you get to the next tier, you can add 13 more volumes of manga to your cart before the following level adds another 17. Finally, the $30 tier gives you access to all 24 volumes of The Seven Deadly Sins, so you can see why this deal is so hot.


If you want to buy into this bundle, you can find it here. But you better get it fast! The deal will end in just over 10 days, so you best snag this Kodansha deal while you can!

Will you be buying into this Humble Bundle deal? Which other publishers need to get in on this action? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.