Hunter x Hunter Fan Gives McDonald's a Hisoka Makeover

Hunter x Hunter's Hisoka is easily the most recognizable villain in the long running franchise, [...]

Hunter x Hunter's Hisoka is easily the most recognizable villain in the long running franchise, sporting something of a clown aesthetic as he stalks Gon and handily kills most of the opponents in his path, but one fan has figured out a way to perhaps make this killer even more terrifying by merging him with the McDonald's restaurant mascot in Ronald McDonald! The clown mascot has long been a slinger of burgers for the fast food chain and blending him with the villain of Hisoka is a stroke of genius considering both of their habits to wear clown make up!

Hisoka has been on hiatus with the rest of the Hunter x Hunter series, with the anime franchise ending both its anime and manga run for quite a few years as it stands. With the stories of Gon and his hunter friends currently up in the air, Hisoka's status is something of a mystery to boot. The assassin who joined the hunter's license exam on a whim saw something in the protagonist Gon, constantly stalking and toying with the young fisherman in order to cultivate what he considers a challenge to his powers in the energy known as "Nen".

Twitter Artist Edosoa shared this hilariously disturbing mash-up that gives Hisoka a Ronald McDonald aesthetic, somehow transforming the villain into a far creepier version of himself and putting together a new series that the artist humorously dubbed "BURGER x BURGER":

Hisoka might not be dead and his status is unknown, but his legacy lives on as he continues to be one of the most dangerous beings that is stalking the earth in Hunter x Hunter. Ronald McDonald might have some magic under his sleeves as well, but he is more interested in simply supplying a never ending number of hamburgers to patrons and attempting to keep them out of the hands of the Hamburglar in the process. With the hamburger clown originating in the 1960s, there have been many men behind the clown paint and McDonald still appears from time to time, though not as frequently as he once had!

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