'Hunter x Hunter' Creator Comments On The Series' End

Hunter x Hunter enjoys a loyal following, but readers do get fed up with its hiatuses. Over the years, the franchise has taken its fair amount of vacation, but Yoshihiro Togashi has the manga in print for the time being. And, if the creator is to be believed, he will try to keep it that way for awhile.

After all, Togashi does hope the series will reach an end one day, and it must all be published for that to happen.

Recently, Shueisha set up a special exhibition to honor its greatest series from the 1990s. The event, which is being hosted in Japan, gives fans inside looks at titles like Dragon Ball, and Hunter x Hunter is also spotlighted in the collection. It is there fans were able to meet with Togashi on select days, and the artist addressed all their concerns about his story's ending.

According to translators, a few fans were able to visit Togashi at the Weekly Shonen Jump exhibition. After asking about Hunter x Hunter, the artist admitted many of his fans think its prolonged publication is concerning given its hiatuses. Togashi admitted he'd afraid he will not see the end of Hunter x Hunter himself, and he "wants to try to solve this problem."

There is no word on what Togashi will do to address the issue, but the creator does have several routes he could take. The most obvious thing the artist could do is finish the series himself. The manga has well over a hundred chapters at this point, but its current arc is pretty dense. It will take awhile to untangled the 'Succession Contest' story, but Togashi could use the story as an exit point if he wishes.

If Togashi doesn't want to end the series so soon, he could streamline the series with a regular publishing schedule. Over the years, most of Hunter x Hunter has been on hiatus since its 1998 release. Its longest break lasted from 2014 to 2016, and its most recent hiatus ended earlier this year.

For now, fans can only hope Togashi is serious about finishing Hunter x Hunter. This year marks the series' 20th anniversary, and readers are hoping big announcements will help usher in the event. So, here's to hoping the manga avoids any hiatuses in the near future and maybe gets an anime revival while it is at it.


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