This Sleek Inuyasha Cosplay Would Impress Even Kagome

Inuyasha may not be at the top of anime's radar these days, but the title holds a special place with fans. The Shonen series remains a true classic with fans around the world, and it was one of Adult Swim's most popular runs during its earlier days. Despite the series being over, Inuyasha remains a go-to pick with fans, and that goes for cosplayers as well.

Recently, fans got to check out an impressive take on Inuyasha when a cosplayer posted their own go at the half-demon. Twitter use Phil Mizuno decided to share a photo of their recent Inuyasha cosplay, and fans are showering the look with all the praise.

Now, the only thing fans need is to find this Inuyasha a Kagome ASAP!

As you can see above, Mizuno posted a selfie of himself dressed as Inuyasha. The look itself is fairly simple thanks to Inuyasha's iconic red-and-white outfit. The look is paired with his beaded necklace which gives Kagome total right to make him sit, but fans says they are impressed the most by the cosplay's wig.

After all, the hair piece is downright perfect. The styled white wig is the exact right length, and its bangs are set just like they are in the anime. When combined with Inuyasha's dog ears, the cosplay goes from being a 10 to a solid 100. In fact, the only person who might be able to outdo this look is Lady Gaga herself, but she would need to make a few adjustments to her last accidental cosplay to do so.


So, are you down to cosplay as this Inuyasha's Kagome? Let me know in the comments or hit me up on Twitter @MeganPetersCB to talk all things comics and anime!

Originally created by Rumiko Takahashi for Weekly Shonen Sunday magazine in 1996, Inuyasha's synopsis reads as follows: "After falling into an old well and into ancient Japan, Kagome discovers that her destiny is linked to the dog-like half demon called Inuyasha! As Kagome learns more about her connection to the past and to Inuyasha, she comes into conflict with the terrible demons that are drawn to the Shikon Jewel, including Inuyasha's own half brother, Sesshomaru. Finding the shards of the Shikon Jewel is going to require powerful magic, strange allies, and a strong heart. Kagome's got plenty of heart, but she's going to need Inuyasha's help for the rest of it, and he may not be so willing to lend a hand!"