Yashahime Reveals Rin's Whereabouts with Spoilery Tease

Yashahime: Princess Half-Demon has only been out for a few weeks, but the show has has already got fans buzzing around the world. The sequel to Inuyasha got fans all riled up from the start as it promised to shine a light on its next-gen heroes. The daughters of Inuyasha and Sesshomarau lead this new series, and it seems fans are about to learn some important info about the latter's (assumed) baby mama.

Ever since Yashahime was formally announced, fans were curious who bore twins with Sesshomaru. The most obvious answer was Rin as the girl had clear affection for the hanyo, and this new series' timeskip could make the relationship work. The only issue is that Rin has been missing in action, but a new teaser seems to share his exact location.

Over on Twitter, the official page for Yashahime posted teaser stills for episode four ahead of its debut. It was there fans were shown shots of Moroha in present day before an ethereal shot of an older Rin was shared.

"The promo for episode four has arrived! I've decided to return to the Feudal era to regain my memories. Moroha unlocks a passage that connects her with the past," the page captioned the stills.

Rin is clearly an adult in this shot, and she is either encased in a tree or vat of water. A bark background can be see behind her, and Rin keeps her eyes shut as she appears to float midair. Of course, fans are wondering if Rin has somehow been sealed within the Sacred Tree and why that might have been necessary. They are also scrutinizing her outfit as the white ensemble she is wearing is traditionally associated with hospitals. A good few fans are wondering if Rin was sealed after giving birth to the twins, but for now, all these theories are conjecture until Yashahime puts out concrete details.


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