JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Star Arrested in Japan for Drug Possession

New reports from Japan have confirmed the arrest of Yusuke Iseya, a star from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure. The actor, age 44, was arrested by police on September 8 in Japan. The actor is suspected of possessing cannabis.

According to further reports, the Tokyo police allegedly came to Iseya's apartment to search for drugs. It was there four bags of dried cannabis was found in a drawer. Evidence also collected rolling paper from the apartment, and Yusuke was arrested shortly afterwards.

In a statement regarding the arrest, Iseya's agency apologized to fans for any disappointment they feel over the ordeal. “This incident is extremely regrettable. We deeply apologize to fans and everyone concerned for causing such a big worry and bother," Kakuto Entertainment shared.

For fans who don't know Iseya by name, the actor is a prolific one with a slew of hits under his resume. Not only did the actor play Jotaro Kujo in the 2017 film JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Diamond is Unbreakable, but he has also starred in several critical hits. The actor can be found in 13 Assassins as well as Distance, The Passenger, and the Rurouni Kenshin films.

This is not the first time a Japanese star has been arrested for possession and certainly won't be the last. Japan has strict penalties against drugs, and a guilty verdict for possessing or taking drugs is often considered a career killer. Within the last two years, several idol members have been investigated by police over drug use while actors Hiroki Narimiya and Pierre Taki have become personae non grata within the entertainment industry.


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HT - Variety