JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind Crew Celebrates Its Toonami Finale

The finale of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure has been a long time coming, and Toonami fans braced themselves for its arrival this past weekend. After airing week after week, the anime brought the dub of Golden Wind to a close last night. As you can imagine, the Toonami finale began trending online as viewers thanked the show's team for making the dub happen, and the crew is speaking back as they celebrate the big finale.

Over on Twitter, fans gave a rousing round of applause to JoJo's Bizarre Adventure in the wake of its finale. Golden Wind earned the praise of fans time and again with its spot-on cast and direction. That is why voice actor Phillip Reich was one of the first to speak out about the series and thank fans for all their support.

The actor, who voices Giorno Giovanna, made it clear that his experience with the JoJo's Bizarre Adventure fandom is one he can never express properly.

"I don't have the words to fully express what this has meant to me. It has been my unending pleasure to voice such an iconic character as Giorno. Someone with such love and care for his friends-his family, for life itself. Someone I hope to emulate more of in my own life," Reich shared.

"I can't thank you enough for coming with me on this journey. Seeing your comments of support motivated me to work harder with each episode. I hope I have done justice to Giorno and that this show truly has been a golden experience for you all."

He was joined on Twitter by user khoidaooo who worked on the series as an ADR scriptwriter. The writer said it was an honor to work on Golden Wind, but they have a single regret. They had wished to insert the line "Uh-oh spaghetti-o" into the dub, but it just didn't pan out.

More cast and crew hit up Twitter to share their thanks and behind-the-scenes peeks at the beloved dub. Now, fans of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure are left waiting for news on its next season, and many are hopeful the word will come around before the summer of next year.


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