JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Producers Discuss Why Golden Wind Has Been So Popular

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure has only gotten more popular as the years have gone by. Though the first time it was animated was in an OVA in 1993 with an interpretation of Stardust Crusaders, the resurgence of the JoJo clan in the past decade has taken the world by storm. Perhaps no entry has been more popular than the adventures of the son of Dio Brando, Giorno Giovanna and his crew of Passione members as they attempt to wrestle control of the mafia from the villainous Diavolo. Recently, an outlet managed to speak with some of the producers of the fifth season to discuss what makes the latest entry so popular among fans!

Anime News Network had an interview with both Takamitsu Sueyoshi and Hiroyuki Omori to discuss why the characters are so endearing to fans and what is it about this particular entry of the franchise that resonates across the world:

Takamitsu Sueyoshi: "Unlike previous Jojo's series, the protagonist is not exactly a straightforward man of justice. Giorno's way of life may make him seem more like a bad person, but he's very direct about what he believes in. Araki-sensei told us that through Golden Wind, he wanted to illustrate very beautiful men, so the characters themselves are all more beautiful than before. So that's probably two of the biggest answers to that question."

Golden Wind
(Photo: David Production)

Hiroyuki Omori: "For any series, when it comes to broad appeal, the attractiveness of the protagonist is quite high on the list. In the case of Golden Wind, we already had quite a number of attractive characters to work with on the protagonist's side. As we produced the animation, once we reached the first team of antagonist hitmen, the series' popularity grew immensely. So I think one of the reasons that Golden Wind is more popular than the other Jojo's parts is probably the sheer number of such highly attractive characters."

While a sixth season has yet to be confirmed following the end of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure popular fifth entry, an upcoming OVA will follow one of the protagonists of Diamond Is Unbreakable. The fourth season protagonist, Kishibe Rohan, will be appearing in his own animated specials titled Thus Spoke Kisihibe Rohan which focus on the manga artist in entirely new adventures with his Stand, Heaven's Door.


What do you think of the producers' answers to why Golden Wind has managed to be so popular? What's your favorite season of the series so far? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and JoJo!

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Golden Wind is the fifth and most recent part of Hirohiko Araki's series, and follows Giorno Giovanna, the son of former series villain Dio Brando, as he joins the mafia group Passione in order to change and reform them into reputable thieves and crooks from the inside. The anime adaptation premiered last October, and can be currently found streaming on Crunchyroll.