JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Ushers in Stone Ocean Comeback with Animation Upgrade

David Production has been working on JoJo's Bizarre Adventure's anime adaptation for ten-plus years, with the animation studio recently celebrating via a new exhibit opening its doors in Japan. To continue the streak, David dove into the Stone Ocean which tells Jolyne Cujoh's story as she attempts to save her father's life while also trying to clear her name. With the latest episodes arriving after a nine-month hiatus, anime fans are taking note that the recent installments seem to have taken things up a notch in the animation department.

At present, the third part of Stone Ocean hasn't been confirmed by Netflix, though the episodes were listed as a part of the upcoming Blu-Ray set which will be hitting Japan. While we can't say for certain when they will hit the streaming service, the episodes will arrive in March of next year, with these installments most likely bringing Jolyne's journey to a close. The last Stone Ocean episodes that arrive on the streaming service earlier this month saw Jolyne struggling with the loss of a major ally while also trading blows with Pucci proper for the first time. As an anime fan, if you think the recent episodes of Stone Ocean were bizarre, you haven't seen anything yet.

One Reddit User shared a number of the amazing images that have arrived as a part of Stone Ocean's latest batch of episodes, featuring the likes of White Snake, Anasi, Dio Brando, and an unfortunate prison guard who found himself dragged into a Stand battle that spelt trouble for Jolyne inside of Green Dolphin Street Prison:

Episode 15 of Stone Ocean has a significant bump in animation quality compares to others so far. This is because the whole episode was entirely animation directed by one of the mainstay veteran staff in DavidPro: Shunichi Ishimoto from StardustCrusaders

While Netflix is currently telling the tale of the Stone Ocean, there is plenty of material from JoJo's Bizarre Adventure's manga that has yet to be adapted to the small screen. Following the conclusion of Jolyne's journey, a brand new reality was explored in the wild anime franchise, as Steelball Run and JoJolion take place in an entirely new reality from the one that many anime fans came to know over the years of the Joestars. Luckily for fans of JoJo, creator Hirohiko Araki is working on a new part of the manga, tentatively titled JoJo Lands.

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