JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stone Ocean Debuts First Teaser, Poster

The time has come at last, JoJo fans. It took well over 600 days to bring the newest JoJo's Bizarre Adventure series to life, but the wait seems to have been worth it. A new report from Japan informed fans Stone Ocean will get its own anime before long, and the announcement gave fans two gifts by way of the anime.

As you can find below, a special teaser trailer and poster have been shared for Stone Ocean. The clip is a simple announcement piece that gives little insight into the show itself. The sizzle reel introduces the leads of the first five anime arcs before Jolyne makes her debut. The anime even puts out the logo for Stone Ocean, and the heroine's iconic butterfly can be found amidst the font.

The poster goes on to give fans the best look at Jolyne yet. The heroine is shown in her iconic crop tank and low-rise pants. With her hair pulled tight into split buns, Jolyne looks gorgeous with her tinted lips and lean frame. Clearly, Stone Ocean has been putting careful work into bringing the heroine to life, so fans are eager to see how she looks when the anime gets underway.

If you are not caught up with JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, you can find the anime on Crunchyroll along with its OVA titles. The manga is currently finished with Stone Ocean and is in the midst of Steel Ball Run. So if you want to get the jump on Jolyne's story, you have plenty of time to do so before her anime goes live.

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