SHINee Shares Touching Tribute To Kim Jonghyun

Yesterday, the music industry lost one of its brightest stars. South Korean idol Kim Jonghyun passed away after an apparent suicide attempt. The lead vocalist of SHINee left millions of fans stunned by his passing, and the group itself has since posted a short tribute to the singer.

On social media, the official accounts for SHINee on Twitter and Instagram went dark to honor Jonghyun. The former blacked out its icon photo and banner in a show of mourning, and a simple photo was posted to both accounts.

As you can see below, SHINee shared a black-and-white photo of Jonghyun performing on stage. The poignant photo also contains a short message in Korean, and you can read its translation below:

“Jonghyun, he loved music more than anyone else and loved performing. He is a great artist who loved communicating with his fans through music. We will always remember you.”

After news about Jonghyun’s passing was confirmed by SM Entertainment, fans have posted tributes to the singer online. Fans have started several hashtags for the singer which offer him roses while others let Jonghyun know he did well.


At the request of the idol’s family, his funeral will be a private affair for close friends and family. The first day of Jonghyun’s wake began today at the hospital where he passed away. A special memorial was set up for fans to visit, and dozens of celebrities also stopped by to mourn their fallen friend. Idols from Super Junior, EXO, Girls’ Generation, Red Velvet, BTS, Block B, VIXX, and more were spotted paying their respects at the event.

If you want to share your own tributes to Jonghyun, you can visit the k-pop fandom on sites like Twitter. Share your favorite memories of the idol with me on Twitter @MeganPetersCB.