Jujutsu Kaisen Sparks Debate Over Important Mistranslation

Jujutsu Kaisen is one of the hottest series in shonen right now, and its latest arc is pushing our heroes to new heights. From Megumi to Yuta, the whole gang is fighting in a massive tournament they hope ends with Gojo's return from the Prison Realm. However, Kenjaku is not keen on letting that plan slide. The villain has done plenty to push his goal forward, but now, it seems a mistranslation has thrown the fandom out of whack this week.

The issue came to light when Jujutsu Kaisen put out its latest chapter pitting Kenjaku against Choso. The fight ended up being a blowout against the latter, and Kenjaku is all too quick to brag about his host body's power. But in the English translation, the line puts more focus on Gojo than Geto.

What Line Is in Question?

In Viz Media's release, the dialogue in question reads, "Satoru Gojo and Suguru Gets both can use Cursed Manipulation to wield the most grotesque armies." The comment drew questions immediately once fans saw it because its comment about Gojo was unusual. The sorcerer can use Cursed Energy with ease, but he's never been able to use Cursed Manipulation like Geto. So of course, fans hunted down the Japanese text.

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The line in Japanese reads as, "五条悟は言わずもがな傑夏油も," and a revised translation from fan-translators cleared up all the confusion ASAP. It seems the original line differentiates Gojo and Geto very intentionally, so the full thing reads like this: "Obviously, Satoru Gojo can [overthrow a nation], and Suguru Geto could use Cursed Spirit Manipulation to command an army."

Obviously, both of these sorcerers are insanely powerful, but the official English line has left a number of fans questioning Gojo's arsenal. It would be unfair to give him Cursed Manipulation on top of his other gifts, let's be honest. What he and Geto do have in common in their ability to utilize Cursed Energy as a whole, but their specific talents differ from there. So if you thought Gojo had gained a new skill, well – think again.