Junji Ito Fan Animation Captures The Horror Of The Dissolving Classroom

Junji Ito is set to have a big year, with Adult Swim unleashing an anime adaptation of Uzumaki, one of the horror mangaka's biggest stories, and one fan has decided to celebrate the works of the spooky creator by providing their own take on his short story, "Dissolving Classroom". Though the live-action adaptation of Tomie has been nixed alongside the shuddering of the doors of the streaming service, another anime series for Junji Ito's works is reportedly in the works, details about the latter are far and few between at this point in time.

The short story of the Dissolving Classroom is one of the strangest stories that Ito has ever created in his history as a horror mangaka, and considering the sheer amount of strange stories that he has formed in the past, this is really saying something. Following a young boy who is caught in the sights of a terrifying young girl who has a crush on him, the girl in question just so happens to be the daughter of the devil and her preferred form of nourishment comes from transforming others into liquid that she can slurp down. Ito's strength isn't only his art, but also his ability to take bizarre concepts and weave them into disturbing pieces of horror.

Reddit Artist Affectionate-Island shared this impressive fan animation that is able to capture the horror of the Dissolving Classroom, in which Junji Ito is able to show off not only his art, but his ability to weave unorthodox horror stories that others might never have dreamed of:

I proudly present my animated ending of "Dissolving Classroom." GOMEN NASAI! from r/junjiito

A release date has yet to be revealed for Adult Swim's new take on Uzumaki, the terrifying tale of a town that is cursed with an obsession with spirals but based on the sole trailer that fans were able to witness, it seems as if this anime adaptation will give us the best take on Junji Ito's work to date. Though there aren't any live-action adaptations currently in the works, it definitely seems as if Ito's past works are making their way to the world of anime in more ways than one.


What do you think of this fan animation that recreates the Dissolving Classroom? What is your favorite spooky story from Ito's catalog? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the world of Ito.