Junji Ito Fan Creates Horrifying Coronavirus Mask

As if the Coronavirus pandemic wasn't scary enough, one fan of the master of horror Junji Ito has decided to create a mask that not only protects the wearer from COVID-19, but shows off one of the scariest creations of the mangaka who is known for keeping fans up at night. "The Fashion Model" was a terrifying tale that focused on an actress who wasn't all that she seemed to be, and when she is hired to be the star of a movie, the cast and crew realize that they may have bitten off more than they can chew!

Junji Ito has created an astonishing number of manga stories that show us worlds that merge the mundane with the supernatural and the tale of the "Fashion Model" is no different. Originally premiering in the publication of Souichi's Diary of Curses in the Horror World of Junji Ito, the story revolved around a low budget film crew attempting to find an actress to portray a terrifying woman in their film. Unfortunately for them, they find someone who is far too perfect for the role as the actress that they hire is hiding some horrifically monstrous fangs that she puts to terrifying use during the story itself.

Twitter User Mamakiteru shared this terrifying mask, and make up job, that perfectly recreates the horrific fashion model turned actress, going so far as to gain the attention of Ito himself as he re-tweeted the fan art and shared with the world this spooky new way of "flattening the curve":

"Fashion Model" was one of Ito's stories that made its way to the Junji Ito Collection anime series, attempting to translate the horror master's manga work to the world of television. The series itself was received to mix reviews, with many seeing it as an in-adequate adaptation of some of Ito's classic stories. The next anime series of Junji's will be tentatively arriving onto Cartoon Network's Adult Swim, with an adaptation of his classic tale known as Uzumaki. With the story keeping close to Junji Ito's black and white tale of terror, fans have been excited for this new series to arrive since its first trailer debuted!

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