Junji Ito Fan Shares Amazing Makeup Art Work

One of the biggest masters of horror in the world today is definitely Junji Ito, the mangaka that has created devilish world of "hanging balloons" and "human sized holes" that have definitely haunted our dreams and one fan artist has decided to honor the artwork of the artist himself with some amazing makeup! With Junji Ito's latest book release being Twisted Visions, a collection of artwork that the horror scribe has created over his days of creating manga, Viz Media has shown off one fan's amazing makeup that depicts one of the disturbing images perfectly on her face for fans to witness.

Junji Ito is definitely a busy man, with this year proving to be a big one for him not just due to the upcoming release of Twisted Visions, but thanks in part to the upcoming Cartoon Network Toonami's anime adaptation of one of his spookiest stories in Uzumaki. The story that focuses on a cursed town obsessed with spirals has received a live action feature length film adaptation in the past, though never an anime in this vein. The Junji Ito Collection was an anime series that attempted to translate a number of his short stories to a television series but was unfortunately received to mixed reviewes as many believed that it simply wasn't able to capture the horror that Ito was able to draw through detailed and meticulous design!

Viz Media was able to share this amazing fan made makeup by artist Segnaro96 which takes one of Junji Ito's most breathtaking designs and meticulously was able to translate it onto her face, paying some serious homage to one of the spookiest creators in the world of manga today:


Uzumaki won't be the only property he has that will be getting its own adaptation, as a Hollywood production is in the works for his story Tomie, which follows a succubus through numerous spooky encounters. Despite these productions, Junji Ito is still working hard at his craft and has recently released an ongoing manga series that is titled Genkai Chitai, aka The Disturbing Zone, that blends the world of the supernatural with that of the mundane!

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