Makeup Artist Brings The Terrifying Creations of Junji Ito To Life

Throughout all mediums of fear, you'd be hard pressed to find someone who is able to convey it so easily and meticulously outside of Junji Ito. Creating stories of terror through manga, portraying entirely new terrifying ideas and designs, Ito has made a name for himself by drawing some of the most amazing artwork that truly brings his horrifying imagery to life. A makeup artist has decided to attempt to bring Ito's creations to life through a series of pictures that show both the talent of the artist and the underlying horror presented by Junji Ito.

Twitter User 41Strange managed to share these photos of the makeup artist showing off her skills, finding a way to bring some of the scariest Ito creations to life:

Junji Ito was originally born in 1963 and had made a huge heaping helping of horror stories during his time on earth. Stories of Ito's which have been adapted into live action include: a story of fish with spider-like appendages in Gyo, a town riddled with the idea of "sinister spirals" in Uzumaki, and the upcoming Hollywood adaptation of his earlier work of Tomie, which follows a town discovering the body parts of a recent murder victim in unexpected places. The latter will be adapted by Alexandre Aja who brought to life the remake of the Hills Have Eyes and the gory french horror masterpiece, High Tension.

(Photo: Viz Media)

While Ito's artwork is practically second to none, the attempt to bring it to the medium of anime was received with mixed reception across the board. "The Junji Ito Collection" made a valiant attempt to adapt several of his stories to the screen but failed to convey the amazing and hyper detailed artwork that Ito spent creating tirelessly. While the series did manage to hit a lot of fan favorites that ultimately may have been ignored otherwise, it just couldn't match the quality of its predecessors in manga format.

Ito also recently was honored with an Eisner Award for his work on his adaptation of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, conveying the monster and the scientist that created him in his own unique vision. If you are looking for horror in general, and not just something scary, but stories and images that you've never seen before in your life, we cannot recommend Junji Ito's work enough. Gyo alone will have you afraid to venture out of your house, let alone into the ocean.

What do you think of this amazing makeup that manages to convey Junji Ito's artwork? What was your favorite story that Ito created? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and Junji Ito!