Junji Ito's Tomie Adapation Might Shut Down With Quibi

Junji Ito is the master of horror when it comes to manga series that he spends a fair amount of time drawing, but it seems as if one of his adaptations might be closing its doors alongside the streaming service of Quibi in Tomie! The live action television series, which was originally set to be released on the streaming platform and had even cast the titular character, had gotten a number of films in Japan in the past years, but it seems as if the succubus' time isn't set to arrive in North America with Quibi!

Tomie by Junji Ito focuses on a young woman who is harboring abilities that allow her to wrap men around her fingers, originally debuting from the horror mangaka of Junji Ito in 1987. Though she has never received her own anime series, she did recently appear in the Junji Ito Collection, an anime series that acted as an anthology show and adapted a number of Ito's classic stories that had yet to hit the small screen. While Tomie hasn't been officially announced as being cancelled, we would imagine that the loss of its platform doesn't bode well for the series which apparently had yet to begin filming the bone chilling tale.

Twitter User Minovsky Article shared this "behind the scenes" look into Tomie on Quibi, noting that pre-production saw the series "killed" before it was able to materialize by director of Alexandre Aja, who was responsible for horror films such as High Tension, Crawl, and the remake of The Hills Have Eyes:

Quibi was an experiment for a streaming service that was attempting to make a name for itself among some of the heavy hitters such as Netflix, HBO Max, and Hulu to name a few, creating a number of original series and films that subscribers could view on their mobile devices. Debuting earlier this year, the platform was short lived when all is said and done but did have a number of unique projects to its name, and even with this loss for Junji Ito, the horror mangaka's future is still bright!

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