Junji Ito's Tomie Finds Its Leading Lady For Greenlit Quibi Series

Junji Ito has been in the news a lot recently thanks to the upcoming anime adaptation of Uzumaki that is set to hit Adult Swim in the future, but it seems as though the adaptation for the succubus story of Tomie has found a home in the streaming service of Quibi, along with a leading lady! The director-producer Alexandre Aja, who is responsible for the horror movies of High Tension and Crawl, will be bringing the terrifying tale to life with leading lady Adeline Rudolph portraying the titular character who is hiding a dark secret within.

While Tomie had already been confirmed to be receiving a Hollywood adaptation by Aja, only now do we learn of the leading lady who will be associated with it as well as the property being a television series on Quibi, rather than a feature length film. Needless to say, Junji Ito's original stories that focused on the young girl who entranced men lived up to the horrifying standards of the master of horror, and even made a number of appearances in the recent anime adaptation of The Junji Ito Collection. While there is yet to be a release date confirmed for the upcoming series, we'll be sure to keep you posted!

Junji Ito Tomie Adaptation Quibi
(Photo: Studio Deen)

Deadline reported the news that Tomie would be hitting the controversial streaming service of Quibi, looking to replicate the tense environment of the horror manga created by Junji Ito in 1987, which has received a significant number of adaptations throughout the years!

In Japan, Tomie has received not only a limited television series with a handful of episodes, but has also been given nearly eight feature length films that have depicted the spine chilling stories of the succubus, blending the worlds of the mundane with the supernatural in a way that only Junji Ito could. Hilariously enough, there was even a movie of the property that was titled "Tomie Vs Tomie" that saw two girls battling against one another after being injected with the original succubus' blood. Needless to say, there's definitely a lot of material for the upcoming Quibi series to pull from in bringing this bone chilling tale to the world.

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Via Deadline