Junji Ito's Twisted Visions Acquired By Viz Media

Junji Ito is one of the biggest "masters of horror" that is currently walking the earth. Creating a series of manga that takes unique, terrifying ideas and brings them to life through ghastly, detailed artwork, Ito has created such masterpieces as Uzumaki, Gyo, and a series of terrifying short stories. Junji's stories show off nightmares come to life such as giant floating replicas of victims' heads, land bound sharks with spider legs, and more "twisted visions" that you can shake a stick at. Viz Media has announced that they'll be printing a collection of Ito's artwork in "Twisted Visions".

Viz Media announced on their Official Twitter Account that they'd be bringing the horrific art book to fans world wide:

Junji Ito is a manga artist that was born in 1963 and during his career, he's created some of the most horrific horror stories that you can imagine. With more entries than we can count, this artbook is sure to display new looks at Ito's blood curdling artwork. The creative mind of Ito is able to illicit such a reaction from fans due to the uniqueness of his stories and the hype detailed artwork that he is able to produce. While on their own, these skills are still able to knock audiences for a loop, when you combine the two, Ito is able to create some skin crawling masterpieces.

Ito's more popular works such as Gyo and Uzumaki received an anime and live action adaptation respectively. The anime behind Gyo was a 75 minute film from Ufotable studio that featured aquatic creatures stalking humanity on spindly legs, creating a terrifying scenario where sharks were chasing humans through their house. Uzumaki was created as a live action film from Omega Micott, taking Ito's insane designs and managing to bring them to real life through a combination of special effects and prosthetics.


Ito also was given his own anime series titled the Junji Ito Collection which animated a number of his short stories in an anthology style run. While it ran for one season, whether or not it will return for additional episodes is still up in the air.

Will you be picking up Junji Ito's Twisted Visions when it releases from Viz Media? What's your favorite Ito story and how many nights did it keep you awake? Feel free to let us know in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, or terrifying stories where people are lured into the side of a mountain with "holes that are made for them"!