Junji Ito's Maniac Unveils New Spooky Netflix Stories

When fans think anime and horror, the discussion will inevitably find its way to Junji Ito, with the horror mangaka continuing to release new spooky stories to this day. As two new anime adaptations are set to arrive in the future, via Adult Swim's Uzumaki and Netflix's Maniac: Japanese Tales of the Macabre, the latter has revealed four new spine-chilling stories that will be a part of its anthology along with new images and cast confirmed for the streaming service original.     

To break down the stories that have been confirmed for this horror anthology, they will include Ice Cream Truck, Library Vision, Headless Statue, and Tomb Town. Tomb Town follows a strange town wherein the villagers die, they eerily transform into gravestones. Ice Cream Truck follows a mysterious vehicle that delivers sweets to children with a horrifying twist. Library Vision follows a young man who inherits a veritable library of books from his father, with the protagonist struggling with his past thanks to his father's mania. Finally, Headless Statue focuses on creepy constructions that are haunting unsuspecting art students that don't know what they're in for.

The Official Netflix Anime Twitter Account shared new details surrounding these new tales of terror, with the voice actors and creative minds confirmed along with the streaming service giving fans a look at new images for these spooky stories that sprang from the minds of horror legend, Junji Ito:

Ito has continued working on new stories throughout the decades, with the mangaka once again winning an Eisner award earlier this year as he continues producing manga tales of terror. While Maniac has been confirmed to arrive early next year, Adult Swim's adaptation of Uzumaki still has yet to reveal when it will arrive, suffering from a number of delays thanks in part to the coronavirus pandemic. With many anime fans feeling that the previous Junji Ito anthology series was unable to live up to the high standards that were set by the manga artist's work, we're crossing our fingers that these two upcoming television series will make horror anime fans happy.

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