It Sounds Like John Wick's Keanu Reeves Is An Anime Fan

These days, Keanu Reeves is up in the headlines wherever you look. The actor has been around for decades in features like Speed as well as Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. Now, it is John Wick bringing Reeves to the forefront, and fans are sharing their favorite stories about the actor.

So, anime fans will be delighted to hear Reeves is an otaku like them.

Recently, Twitter began sharing their own Keanu stories, and one fan gave a shoutout to the actor as she saw them often at an anime story in Los Angeles.

“Keanu and I were often te only two customers at Animate, when it existed on Melrose. That’s my Keanu story. He likes anime,” Twilight Zone writer Heather Anne Campbell shared.

“By often, I mean like maybe 4 times between 2001 - 2003.”

For those unaware, Animate is a popular chain store for anime that originated in Japan. All sorts of goodies from DVDs to manga and more can be found there. So, it would seem like Reeves must have had a prolonged interest in anime at some point.

Of course, this tidbit is not too surprising. In the past, Reeves has been open with his love of all things otaku. For one, the actor was set to star in a live-action adaptation of Cowboy Bebop way back when as Spike Spiegel. The star was would have appeared in the 20th Century Fox production, but it never got off the ground. Now, Netflix is slated to do its own live-action take on Cowboy Bebop, but John Cho has been tapped to play the space bounty hunter instead.


Aside from a viral visit with Hatsune Miku, Reeves has also become a favorite with anime fans for his work in The Matrix trilogy. The franchise was famously inspired by Mamoru Oshii’s Ghost in the Shell, giving it s a distinctive anime flair. So, it’s not shocking to hear Reeves was (and hopefully is still) a fan of Japan’s booming animation industry.

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