Kill la Kill's Satsuki and Ragyo Kiryuin Shine in this Colorful Cosplay

Studio Trigger is one of the most popular studios among anime fans now, but it originally broke [...]

Studio Trigger is one of the most popular studios among anime fans now, but it originally broke into the scene with a huge new original series, Kill la Kill. This anime has been in the focus of fans for the last few months thanks to the release of its new fighting game adaptation, and it's been a good reminder of the fantastic character designs that made Kill la Kill such a huge hit in the first place.

These designs have made the series a particularly good source for cosplay, and it turns out that the characters translate pretty well to real life. Surprisingly, even bombastic characters like Satsuki Kiryuin and her mother Ragyo can be brought to life well through cosplay too. Check out a perfectly magnanimous duo below!

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Cosplay Artists @peytoncosplay (who you can find on Instagram here) and @glorylamothe (who you can find on Instagram here) shared this cosplay of their Satsuki and Ragyo respectively, and it's a great representation of their strange relationship within the series itself. Much of Ragyo's appearances with Satsuki stand out not only for their copious fan service, but also because of the strangely lusty dynamic between the two of them.

There was no actual lust involved, really, but because Ragyo treated her daughter like an object there was a notable amount of groping involved. This painted their scenes in a dangerous light, and that same light is captured well with this fantastic cosplay. Especially with elaborate outfits like the Kiryuins have.

Kill la Kill was the first original anime project from Trigger, a company formed by ex-Gainax employees Hiroyuki Imaishi and Masahiko Ohtsuka. It was directed by Imaishi and written Kazuki Nakashima, who had both worked together on Gainax's Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann. The series follows Ryuko Matoi, a girl in search of her father's killer. Left with one half of a giant pair of scissors, she transfers to Honnouji Academy. The school is under the control of of the student council and their president, the dominate Satsuki Kiryuin.

What's different about this academy however is that every student is equipped a Goku Uniform, a suit that gives its wearer superhuman abilities because of the "Life Fibers" sewed within. The series was such a big hit that there's even a video game release, Kill la Kill: IF, and you can check out's review of it here.